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Akrobatik mit Laserschwert, gelungene Gemetzel und "Star Trek"-Missionen: Wir haben Virtual-Reality-Fans nach Lieblingsspielen gefragt. Online-Shopping mit großer Auswahl im Games Shop. n.a.. Traffic Jams Fun, Simulation, HTC Vive-Brillen Oculus Quest Oculus Rift (S) PlayStation VR. Wir haben die besten Spiele, Filme und Erfahrungen zusammengetragen, die es kostenlos gibt und einen Download wert sind. The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed. Preis: 27,99 Euro Intensitätsstufe: moderat. Mit „The Gallery“ hat die HTC Vive einen echten Hochkaräter im.

Htc Spiele

Quar - Battle for Gate 18; Radial-G - Racing Revolved; Realities; Ruckus Ridge VR Party; Sculptr VR; Skeet - VR Target Shooting; Skyworld; Space Pirate Trainer​. Wir haben die besten Spiele, Filme und Erfahrungen zusammengetragen, die es kostenlos gibt und einen Download wert sind. HTC Vive NEWS | HTC Vive BLOG. Juni -1 HTC VR DAY – Alle Infos zum Ablauf und dem Gewinnspiel (sponsored Post). 8. Das Spiel ist am

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Der ist in dem finsteren Zukunfts-Szenario nämlich einiges wert. Schade finde ich allerdings, dass es relativ wenige Einheiten gibt. Die Welt des Spiels ist extrem detailreich, das Ausweichen oder auch Fangen der Kugeln fühlt sich sehr nach 'Matrix' an. Rulent Tower VR. Don't Blink. Even worse, your oxygen suit is gradually failing, constantly threatening death by suffocation in the void among the nameless stars. CashshowIndieCasualSimulation. IndieActionMassively Beste Spielothek in Schossow finden considerGore. Htc Spiele Quar - Battle for Gate 18; Radial-G - Racing Revolved; Realities; Ruckus Ridge VR Party; Sculptr VR; Skeet - VR Target Shooting; Skyworld; Space Pirate Trainer​. Wir helfen euch durch den VR-Spieledschungel: Ein Jahr nach der Veröffentlichung der HTC Vive stellen wir euch die besten Games für die. Die Immersion verwandelt selbst mittelmäßige VR-Spiele zu beeindruckenden Erlebnissen - kurzfristig. Auf Dauer kommt es auf die Qualität an. Wir verraten. Auf Steam gibt es über VR-Spiele. Darunter sind auch einige Perlen. Wir haben euch einige ausgesucht, denn diese HTC Vive Spiele. HTC Vive NEWS | HTC Vive BLOG. Juni -1 HTC VR DAY – Alle Infos zum Ablauf und dem Gewinnspiel (sponsored Post). 8. Das Spiel ist am

Even worse, your oxygen suit is gradually failing, constantly threatening death by suffocation in the void among the nameless stars. The main draw of Adr1ft ends up being its stunning visuals.

You truly will feel as if you are there. Throughout the roughly four hour experience, you will mostly be gazing at the environments while slowing trying to save yourself.

Admittedly, the controls can be rough, but as a visual display, Adr1ft is certainly worth checking out.

The action-adventure game tasks you with controlling a small mouse from a third-person perspective, engaging in combat and moving throughout the world much like you would in a traditional game.

The world itself, however, is controlled by you, and you can use this to your advantage as you solve puzzles and clear obstacles.

Read our full Moss review. Life is rather boring in To keep yourself busy, you strap on a VR headset and see what it was like to work menial jobs.

In Job Simulator: The Archives , you can work as a convenience store clerk, a mechanic, a chef, and an office worker. As mundane as that may sound, it turns out that everyday tasks are much more enthralling in VR.

It helps that Job Simulator has quirky humor, but for the most part, the experience excels because almost everything you see is a point of interaction.

Simply picking up, moving, and throwing things in VR is a joy. The game takes the adventure to sunny beaches and snowy mountaintops as you play ball, grill delicious meals, swim in the pool, or just goof around.

You can even go hiking, but without the bug bites and dirt that usually ruin such an experience.

Vacation Simulator is a lighter VR game, and it is less likely to cause sickness issues than more intense offerings.

You explore the stars and universe with a team of four aboard your spaceship. One pilots the ship, another serves as an engineer, and another makes tactical choices.

The fourth teammate is the captain looking over all of the work at a global level. As a team-oriented experience, Bridge Crew is at its absolute best when you have three friends to play with.

Read our full Star Trek: Bridge Crew review. Is virtual reality a good medium for comedy? While the mechanics may not be memorable, the writing certainly is.

Populated by bizarre characters who speak in rambling, absurd dialogue, fans of the show, or animated comedy in general, will undoubtedly love this short but memorable VR vignette.

Fallout 4 VR throws you into the game to live our your vault-dwelling dreams in virtual reality — not just a small section of the game, but the entire experience.

With the stop-and-go V. Read our full Fallout 4 VR review. Every decision has a newfound sense of weight and meaning, and every battle feels that much more important.

Read our full Skyrim VR review. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a unique multiplayer experience that offers a way for people not wearing the headset to participate.

The game tasks the player wearing the headset with disarming a bomb with input from other players. The problem? Only the player wearing the headset can see the bomb.

In order to disarm it, the main player must describe the various modules on the bomb, while the other players consult a lengthy manual that offers instructions on what to do.

The result is tense, and often frantic experience as players shout at each other while the clock ticks down. The asymmetric gameplay of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is great fun and provides a much-needed template for socially-oriented VR games.

Based on a flash game from of the same name, Fantastic Contraption tasks you with using simple components such as wheels and rods, to construct devices that move a goal object through the level and into the goal area.

Unlike its predecessor where you simply used the mouse to connect parts and construct 2D contraptions, now you manipulate components directly with your hands in full 3D.

The concept translates beautifully into the new medium, and getting down on your hands and knees to tinker with your contraption is gratifyingly immersive.

Why pay money to go to an escape room when you can experience all the same thrills and frustration from the comfort of your living room?

In Mr. As you continue to clear lines and make your way through different stages, the pieces will change design, as will the environments behind them.

Tetris Effect gets its name from the phenomenon of players seeing pieces wherever they look — even in their dreams — even after putting the game down.

As you control an avatar, you can play basketball, soccer, paintball, disc golf, charades, and more, and all of it is played with room-scale VR that really immerses you in the action.

This Google-owned app utilizes the two motion controllers as a brush and palette, allowing you to paint in 3D space.

Unlike many of the games released so far that simply port existing genres into VR without fundamentally altering the gameplay, VR painting and sculpting is a categorically different experience and has the potential to become an enormously important sector of the industry.

Raw Data One of the best action games available in VR, Raw Data transports you into the future to take down an evil conglomerate.

Superhot VR Superhot VR turns an already innovative and exciting shooter puzzler into an even more memorable experience on the Vive.

Hover Junkers While many of the titles currently available seem more like proofs of concept than anything else, Hover Junkers is a fully-realized and exciting multiplayer experience that has us hooked.

Fujii Take a break from the violence and lifelike combat found in so many Vive games and instead relax in the tranquil world of Fujii.

Mercedes Lair Escape Why pay money to go to an escape room when you can experience all the same thrills and frustration from the comfort of your living room?

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Contraband contracts guide for Call of Duty: Warzone 3 days ago. Job done. Few sports go hand-in-hand with current VR systems as well as boxing, and Creed: Rise to Glory is undeniably the best entry into the genre yet.

It simulates fatigue and places restrictions on your character, forcing you to fight with fairness and strategy. The proof is in the punch.

After the bullet-dodging thrills of Blasters of the Universe, Secret Location had its work cut out for it maintaining its standards with Transpose.

Fortunately, the game passes the difficult second album test with ease; Transpose is a mind-bending puzzle game in which you record your own actions, store them as echoes, and then work together with your past self in order to solve a series of challenges.

Here you explore a post-apocalyptic world overrun with vicious robots. As you uncover more about an ongoing battle between two sentient AI constructs you risk life and limb in razor-sharp archery combat that will have you ducking and dodging incoming attacks.

Better yet, it allows you to mix and craft your own spells to create deadly combinations that make you feel truly powerful. Spell-casting VR games are a dime a dozen but, for our money, this is one of the best places to do it so far.

It is, both literally and figuratively, one of the deepest VR games going. This is an atmospheric adventure in which you explore the remains of a seemingly abandoned space station orbiting a mysterious planet and must learn what transpired.

Downward Spiral is pretty much the entire package. This is a game that gets free-to-play right. You can decorate yourself with premium cosmetic items if you wish but all of the well-designed minigames, which include some brilliant cooperative quest levels and even a light take on the battle royale genre, are completely free to play.

Add to that full cross-platform support and Rec Room is only set to thrive as the VR industry grows ever bigger. This is a hardcore action game with thoughtful roguelike elements in which you explore massive castles taking on legions of guards, zombies and worse with nothing to defend yourself with other than your trusty ranged weapon.

Levels can last a long time, making them true tests of endurance. In Death is a game for VR owners looking for a genuine challenge in their bloodshed.

For some strange reason humanity seems absolutely obsessed with the zombie apocalypse, which makes a zombie VR game a huge no-brainer.

It may be a few years old now but Arizona Sunshine is still easily the best zombie shooter out on the market right now, offering a full campaign in which you trek across the unforgiving desert doing battle with hordes of shuffling undead.

The campaign is lengthy, varied and offers cooperative support, and the unavoidable horde mode is one of the best in the business too.

Every last-minute shield block and desperate swing of the sword carries real weight behind it, a weight that countless imitators have crucially been lacking so far.

Few VR games have been as dependably updated as Pavolv which, even nearly two years into Early Access, remains one of the most consistently entertaining shooters on the market.

Only smart tactics and quick reactions will help you prevail. Most importantly, though, Pavlov is one of the few multiplayer VR games that has managed to build and sustain a community since launch.

Yes, Bethesda really managed to squeeze all of its RPG hit into VR and, while not perfect, the results are largely very satisfying.

Unfolding across five chapters that each present the player with different cases, this is perhaps the scariest VR game going right now.

Instead, The Exorcist VR understands how to use the platform in clever, creepy ways to twist your very sanity and keep you guessing throughout.

Hopefully, Valve itself is going to have some answers for us soon enough. Gorn is all about being the last man standing in a gladiator arena, and the game has little in the way of rules to stop you from doing that.

Bash him in with a rock? Swing a mace into a face and knock from some eyeballs out? Beyond the stupidity, though, there is actually a great structure in place here that will keep you coming back to unlock new content and make battles surprisingly tense affairs, too.

You guide an adorable little mouse named Quill through diorama-sized levels, solving puzzles and taking on fearsome critters in sword-based combat.

Playing as a larger companion to the tiny protagonist, you really start to connect with her as you work together to overcome obstacles.

It feels very much like a team effort, which is quite a remarkable feeling in itself. Bring on Book 2. But that really is how this excellent multiplayer military simulation game came into existence, paving the way for a new breed of VR games, the kind that people have wanted for ages.

Whereas Pavlov impressively apes Counter-Strike with its tightly-designed maps, Onward is much more grounded in realism, with its pacing reflecting that.

Noire is anything less than a very thoughtful and ultimately successful attempt at bringing a top-tier gaming experience to the uncharted waters of the HTC Vive.

Noire does have some features that make it perfectly-suited to VR. Questioning suspects, for example, is brought to life by the face-scanning application applied to the original game, and the crime-scene investigations make much more sense inside a headset.

You slash notes that arrive on time with a beat. It sounds simple but, in practice, there are few things more satisfying to do in VR.

Once Beat Saber gets long-promised PC VR features like a custom song editor and multiplayer support then frankly we can only see it climbing ever higher in this list.

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25 BEST FREE VR GAMES ON STEAM (Oculus & HTC Vive) Man muss nach Hinweisen suchen, Rätsel lösen, Schreckmomente ertragen. Nur nicht loslassen und abstürzen von der Kletterwand! Die erste Episode dauert read article Minuten und ist kostenlos. Wissenschaftler protestieren gegen Veröffentlichung umstrittener KI-Forschung Gemeinsam erbeuten Sie Ressourcen, bevor Sie von insektoiden Monsterwesen überrant werden. Guter Hinweis mit SH5, danke! Gegner source und fluten den Raum read article roten Kugeln. Back Presse. Besonders Fantastic Contraption heimst aktuell bereits viel Lob ein. Old Lion 27 Spiele-Experte - - 2.

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Als Partner von HTC. Pfeil nach links. Kostenlos, jederzeit kündbar. Humanity News. Klar ist die Auflösung wirklich grottig im Vergleich, aber das Gefühl wo man sich auf der Strecke befindet, die Bremspunkte und auch der Rad-Abstand zu anderen Fahrern ist unglaublich besser. Alles Highlights Podcasts. Ihr könnt das Spiel mit bis zu vier Personen spielen, wobei immer eine Person das VR-Headset trägt und die anderen Personen sich um den Monitor versammeln. Htc Spiele Ich kann mich in der virtuellen Realität bewegen, mich umschauen, Sachen greifen. Virtual Reality Diskussionen: Drehen wir uns im Kreis? Little Witch Academia Offizielle Webseite. Keine eigene VR-Brille zur Hand? Trotzdem: traditionelle Bildschirmgames sind article source bequem und werden deshalb immer einen Platz auf meiner Festplatte haben. VR ist read article wegen dem Preis nur noch was für Enthusiasten, aber wenn man erstmal die Tiefe eines 3D Spiels damit erlebt hat Wissenschaftler protestieren gegen Veröffentlichung umstrittener KI-Forschung Anmelden oder Registrieren um Kommentare zu schreiben. Raw Data ist ein actionreicher Shooter, den ihr alleine oder mit Freunden in der virtuellen Realität spielen könnt. Cloudlands: Bei source Partie Minigolf kann man wunderbar entspannen. VR ist natürlich noch nix für den Schüler mit schmalem Geldbeutel und es click here auch sehr viel minderwertige "Spiele" aber ich will die Erfahrung nicht mehr missen, ich will noch mehr Zukunft ala Holodeck und zwar JETZT! Mai - Wer wir sind. Cockpitspiele gibts jedoch nur noch in 3D. Ist das Töten in VR realistischer? Darin werden see more Spiele-Komponenten wie ansprechende Charaktere, packende Kämpfe und eine spannende Welt mit den Möglichkeiten von VR kombiniert. Wir haben die besten Spiele, Filme und Erfahrungen zusammengetragen, die es kostenlos gibt und einen Download wert Htc Spiele. Eine kostenlose Version des gleichnamigen VR-Echtzeitstrategietitels.

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